Mahana Surf School

The Mahana concept

MAHANA SURF SCHOOL is an itinerant school located on the South beach of Hourtin-Plage.



Like many of my colleagues on the coast and around the world, my playground is a vital space; my approach to surfing is positive and educational.

The primary objective of the school is to promote the region and its preservation, my unconditional love of surfing, and to help people discover this unique environment. To do this, the school is based on the enthusiasm created by board sports and the balance they provide: freedom, surpassing oneself, sensations and relaxation.
Through surfing, which is a discipline that conveys good vibrations, encourages sharing and eco-awareness, I also want to offer you the chance to practice this sport in complete safety in the open air, by providing you with practical and useful knowledge about the fragile ecosystem that is the ocean, as well as its dangers.

MAHANA SURF SCHOOL wishes to adopt an eco-responsible approach, and I remain fully aware of the work that needs to be done in terms of sustainable development and environmental awareness.
Erosion and the protection of the maritime domain are a daily struggle. The municipality of Hourtin is working relentlessly to find solutions.
In my own way, I'm keen to raise awareness of the need to behave in an eco-citizen way, by teaching my pupils about the fragility of the dunes, the need for recycling, solidarity and good practices (waste, energy...).

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And in concrete terms?

- The structure is itinerant.
- The wax for the boards and the disinfectant for the wetsuits are biodegradable and non-toxic for the environment.
- Customers are advised to use sun cream of natural origin.
- The water tank used for rinsing the wetsuits is filled once a day, depending on the number of lessons booked.
- Organization of events such as "beach pick-ups", pilates or sand yoga sessions, with various associations working to protect the planet.


At the end of each lesson, the overalls are cleaned and disinfected with a biodegradable solution (Bacterless).


To ensure maximum safety during your practice, MAHANA SURF SCHOOL offers lessons at the best times of the tide (half-tide up or half-tide down), unless the tidal coefficients are not important and the surfing plateau is totally safe.
Every day, I take into account the weather conditions. In the event of rough seas, thunderstorms, strong winds or if the flag is red, I'll cancel the session and postpone it. When the first-aid station is not open or when we go out of the area, I carry a bag containing an oxygen tank and first-aid equipment, as well as a means of communication (cell phone). When supervision is in place, I keep in touch with the lifeguard station by telephone.



I'm Mathieu, your surf instructor.
Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions :)